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logo-homeanalyzing and commenting on gold, the purest store of value and only real liquid asset,
some other metals and on international mining and exploration companies.
Since 2001, The Centre has built a reputation as a quality and reliable information provider
now followed by a substantial investment-minded and resource-oriented audience in now 149 countries.
The main objective of The Centre’s activities is to build a bridge between institutional and private investors
and their advisors on one side and international mining and exploration companies on the other side.
The Centre has four specific points of focus:


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I take pleasure introducing to you
a very welcome addition to the group of companies I write about.
I have followed the company over the last few years
and I must say that I have been quite impressed with what President and CEO Stephen Quin and his team have achieved.
They have steered the Stibnite Gold Project, situated in Idaho, USA, through the stages of exploration, advanced exploration and
a Pre-Feasibility Study. The very positive outcome of that Study shows a multi-million ounce deposit which could
produce 4 million ounces of gold over a 12 year mine life.
The size of the deposit -8th largest gold reserve in USA-, the grade -1.6g/t, 4th highest grade open pit deposit in USA-,
the low AISC -$526/oz for first 4 years-, and the management that is very much driven to make a mine come true,
make me look forward to bring you the kind of news that an investor likes to see. 

-as a nice start to hear more about the company, I have added the presentation that Steven Quin gave at the recent Precious Metals Summit in Zurich-
see below

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I    N        P    R    O    D    U    C    T    I    O    N

14 NOV 16
* gold produced Q3: 13,428 (+22.8%), 9m: 36m760oz (+14.5%) *
* on mine cost Q3: US$618 (-8%), 9m: US$643 (-8.3%) *
* all-in sustaining cost Q3: US$969 (-3.6%), 9m: US$952 (-5.4%) *
* average realized gold price Q3: US$1,312 (+18.6%), 9m: US$1,247 (+4.7%) *
* President and CEO Steve Curtis elaborates on results and outlook, read the full news release on the website *
Caledonia Mining continues to deliver very satisfactory results and what they said they would do. Quite important for investors.
The basis ingredients of the operations at the Blanket Mine have been proving to be sound and safe, in spite of what
investors generally think about a mine operating in Zimbabwe. The guidance of this management
has been comforting their shareholders over the last few years and the in-process implementation of the Investment Plan
paves the way for further improvements. The production guidance of 50,000 ounces of gold for 2016 is expected to be achieved.
Caledonia Mining is on its way to increase its production to the 80,000oz/year level by 2021.
A successful gold mine with profits, growth, low operating costs and a consistent dividend policy.
A company to watch and to benefit from. Shares should fit into any investment portfolio of investors that like gold and Africa.

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the companies below are included in this page as a courtesy to followers of this site that have bought shares in them

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 on the world and the markets of precious metals and minerals and international mining and exploration companies

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09 NOV 16
The American voters have spoken. And how! I am sure they have made it quite clear that they want a change. Whether it was their true belief
that their government should do things differently or it was Donald Trump’s consistent way of campaigning, appealing to their underlying
feelings of discomfort or concern, or it was the effect of Trump’s relentless attacks on Hillary Clinton’s past performance and trustworthiness,
we will never know. For sure, the quite unexpectedly strong performance of Trump during the elections was as impressive as it was remarkable.
It was certainly also remarkable how his victory speech was this morning. It was showing another side of the man, expressing his respect to
his opponent and saying sweet words to pacify and unite the American population “to be the President for all Americans” and
“work together” in “making America great again”.

But whether or not we like the outcome of these elections, the principle of democracy worked although one can seriously question the complicated
electoral system the U.S. is still using to determine the eventual winner. The win of incoming President Donald Trump delivered a serious
and hard blow to Hillary Clinton but certainly also to outgoing President Barack Obama. It is highly probable that the Republican supremacy
in the White House, the House and the Senate for the forthcoming four years will be used to undo several of Obama’s accomplishments
such as his Obamacare, abortion liberty, fire arms control and possibly the legalization of medical weed, which strangely enough
was adopted by many states during these same elections. 

For us Europeans and the people in other parts of the world, it remains to be seen how the coming Trump administration will give room for
Trump’s plans to change the U.S. support of NATO, the relationship to Russia, the drastic handling of ISIS, the crusade to isolate Iran,
the complications in the Middle East and some other cases. Questions nobody can answer at this early time. We will see how all
these issues will be handled in the Republican way. I have some serious concerns about that.

In my Editorial below, I painted a little scenario about how gold would react to the outcome of the elections. That a victory of Donald Trump
would result in a kind of flight into gold, seemed partly to be the case. In the nightly hours when a Trump victory became more imminent,
there was a strong demand for gold as opposed to a strong drop for the stock markets. Gold jumped from $1270 to almost $1340
but this move was short-lived to come back to settle just over $1300 as of now.
As the dust of the elections will settle between now and January 20 when Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the next President
of the USA, I would not be surprised the gold price will continue to remain at these levels or go a little higher. A lot will depend
on what we hear from Trump and his followers about their plans and the formation of their new government. Issues as the upcoming
nomination of a new Federal Judge, no doubt to be a very conservative one, and the appointments of new government officials,
most likely including some well-known hard-line Republicans, can have quite an impact.
Under these circumstances, I am sure there will be an increasing number of investors contemplating to add some gold or gold-related instruments
to their portfolios, just in case……….. In my view, that would be a smart move. We have an interesting future coming to us!  ***


editorial - interesting reading L
08 NOV 16


11 NOV 16
Gold, miners under Trump

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(counting as from 151124)
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Tomorrow is a very important day, the day of the Presidential elections in the U.S.A. that could have a dramatic influence of how the world will turn over the next four years. It is sure that it will turn, regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will win, but it will undoubtedly make an enormous difference which way it will turn, more than in any previous election I have witnessed. Why? Simply because it looks like the choice of the American public is not only a choice for a politician, it will be a choice for how the U.S. will be run, not only internally but in particular in its relationships to the rest of the world.

With Hillary Clinton as President, she would be the first female President of the U.S.A. ever, we may likely look forward to a continuation of how President Obama set America to a more social way of administration, not always understood and liked by every U.S. citizen and continuously obstructed by the non-coöperative Republicans. In the campaign Donald Trump has left no opportunity unused to tell the Americans how devastating he thought the Obama administration had been for the country. Doing so, he clearly demonstrated what he is standing for and what we may expect, should he be elected as the new President. I have to say at this point that I am really not in favour of both candidates, for different reasons. I really think that the U.S. could have done a lot better than finding a candidate that would be rather uniting the population and the Democrats and Republican politicians. That really would have resulted in a chance to “make America great again”.

Instead, whether we would get Clinton or Trump as the new leader, I am not at ease about the situation either of them will have to face. The recent campaign was a shame where both sides showed no dignity for the office they were seeking, no dignity for the population as a whole, and no dignity for the democracy of a nation where everybody has a right to say what he or she wants. The way Trump was conducting his street fights forced Clinton to keep away from joining him at his chosen level, thus restricting her from talking about sensible and far more serious issues. The result is that the American electorate is being left with frustration, confusion and even anger. More than ever it will be important to see if and how both sides will find each other again to come to a mutually satisfactory level of acceptance and living with each other, for the benefit of all. So, enough to look forward to.


It is interesting to elaborate on what the outcome will be and what kind of impact it will have on the world in general and for all those of us, who are seeing the valuation of gold as one of the leading barometers of how our planet is faring, what influence it will have on the price development of our favourite yellow precious metal.

I think that gold is likely to show a strong performance in either scenario,
albeit for different reasons.

In case Donald Trump will be elected, I expect quite a period of havoc, both in political circles where his supporters will blatantly and braggingly celebrate their victory, and among the overall population where the non-Trump minded will hold their breath about what possibly could be coming. Also internationally, there will be a lot of concern about how a Trump leadership will evolve. It will be highly unpredictable how Trump would be facing the world and meet and get along with the international leaders. There will be general discomfort (to say it nicely) about what we can expect. A reaction could very well be that many investors will come to decide that putting their money into paper investments and banks would not be the way to feel safe. So they may elect to put it into gold and gold-related investments.

In case Hillary Clinton will be elected, I expect more a period of relief, although the disappointments of the Trump voters could be causing quite a period of unrest. Yet, she will make clear that she would be making every effort to normalize the recent period of tension and fear and transfer it in a period of building the confidence that she can govern the country in a way where every citizen would feel comfortable (with the exception of the true diehards of course) and that she will have the support of international leaders and hopefully tackle some highly urgent issues that need to be addressed and solved. There will be more chances she can pick up comfortably where Obama will leave off and investors would express their relief and confidence in a higher acceptance of gold as a preferrable investment.

We will see how this whole election circus will finally develop and unfold. For sure it will be one of the most exciting days and nights coming ahead for everybody that is interested in this political game and in the end, in the fate of not only the United States but of the whole world.

On Wednesday, November 9, when we will know the outcome of the elections, I will add my comment to this Editorial. I can hardly wait…….


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18 NOV 16
Trump Will Grow
US Debt Exponentially


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