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analyzing and commenting on gold, the purest store of value and only real liquid asset, some other metals and on international mining and exploration companies. Through its publications and continuous awareness programs, The Centre has built a reputation as a quality and reliable information provider followed by a large investment-minded and resource-oriented audience in now over 140 countries. The main objective of the information programs is to build a bridge between institutional and private investors and their advisors on on one side and international mining and exploration companies on the other side. In following the resource industry and related metals- and stockmarkets, The Centre has four specific points of focus:


gold dot onegold as the purest store of value and real liquid asset
gold dot onesilver, platinum, palladium and diamonds/gemstones
gold dot oneresource companies with producing or advanced gold, silver pgm’s, diamond/gems projects
gold dot onecompanies with royalty/streaming arrangements with resource companies
gold dot oneresource companies that can be considered as project generators

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gold pulse - 02MAY16 broke 1300 shorts reacted

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25 APR 16
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In the category ROYALTIES/STREAMING there no companies yet. we are talking to a few and look forward to adding our first shortly.

in the category PROJECT GENERATORS, we have moved 

because they have revised their management strategy to develop their properties to venture them out with or to other companies.
a new addition to this category PROJECT GENERATORS is
comp -avrupa minerals
a company that we have covered over the last few years but since the re-organizing our websites only on our MININGINEUROPE.NET website
in accordance with the company’s project locations in Europe and focusing on primarily tungsten, copper, zinc.
However, since the company recently reported remarkable success and progress from its Slivovo jv gold project in Kosovo,
the outlook for the property justifies the presence of Avrupa coverage of its gold project on this precious metals site.
Looking into the future, the outcome of the currently underway NI 43-101 compliant maiden resource may well change the nature of Avrupa. 

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13 APR 16
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11 APR 16
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21 APR 16

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 on the world and the markets of precious metals and minerals and international mining and exploration companies

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28 APR 16

editorial - 28 APR 16 gold is taking a breath.....

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editorial - 15 APR 16 zeal

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editorial L  - 160301 - torex

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editorial - 01 MAR 16 GQ prod au in cal
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 07 FEB 16
seeking alpha keith

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Since my previous Editorial, it was not easy (as if it ever is easy…..) to know in which the gold price would go. A few times gold moved from $1220 to $1250-$1270 which did make expectations flare up that the $1300 level could be broken soon. But as ‘easy’ as it moved up to $1270, as ‘easy’ did it fall back again. As usual, several market commentators expressed their concern that the newest gold bull market was not a real one and predicted that gold was ready for a considerable set-back. It confirmed what I wrote in the heading of my last month’ comment that the higher gold price was not trusted by everybody. It still is not! There is no sign of a wide-spread confidence in the market of gold despite the fact that more and more sources are daring to speak openly about their positive attitudes and expectations about the gold price.

This week many market participants were holding their breath awaiting the Fed’s meeting and their possible decision to raise the interest rates. They did not although the consumer goods prices looked good. However, a closer look showed that the increases were only due to the higher deliveries of the defence industry, reflecting the world’s stronger concern about our safety. Without the impact of defence spending, the consumer prices would have been lower. So no increase in interest rates and apparently more confidence in gold. I have written before that all those seemingly automatic interrelations between the price of gold and other indicators such as stock markets, oil price, interest rates, job figures and all kinds of other factors, can no longer be explained by common sense. Rather than reacting to short and even ultra-short term impulses, it would be wiser to take a more philosophical attitude and analyze the underlying strength of certain developments. We just cannot comprehend the complexity of modern life in which we seem to find these ludicrous levels of government spending and debts normal and if you seriously look at the crazy paper gold markets, who can sensibly explain them. They have nothing to do with fundamentals, they have been built and exist on fantasy. Simplifying, I sometimes say “what ever has happened to good-old as supply and demand?” The demand for gold is undeniably on the rise, even several Central Banks are back on the buy side, and is the supply of gold increasing? Not really! Not now and not in the coming years!

I have no idea how these amazing situations can be maintained or will be solved in the future. But some day something is bound to happen, there cannot be any doubt about that. Now, don’t be afraid, I am not going to be preaching doom. Neither am I going to advocate gold as the only solution. I don’t want to associate an investment in gold as a safe haven. But what I want to do here now is to draw your attention that the still modest increase of the gold price of the last few months has demonstrated that one other famous quality of gold-related investing is still true, i.e.


I will save you many words to explain why mining shares offer much more leverage to the gold price than physical gold. But as illustration to the recent performance of resource shares in general, take a look at how the share prices of our

featured companies

have done since the beginning of the year. Below you see the charts of the share prices of the gold producing companies I write about, reflected as they trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange:

editorial - 28 APR 16 charts 1

editorial - 28 APR 16 charts 2
Have you seen similarly rising prices in the shares that you own in your portfolio? I am rather confident that you have not. And I am evenly confident that this trend is likely to continue during the remainder of this year. Although it is too early to say that gold is in an obvious new bull market, this indeed could be the early stage of such a bull market. I see an underlying strength in the gold markets, and evenly so in the similar markets of silver, platinum and palladium, that will build further momentum over the next few months. In fact, I believe that the markets are quite ready to be looking at a next leg in the cycle that will take gold over and beyond the $1300 level. If this really turns out to be the first stage of the next bull market, these gold, silver and pgm’s markets may very well surprise the skeptics!    favicon.ico


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22 APR 16
All Hell Is About
To Break Loose
editorial - egon von greyerz

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featured companies
these companies have committed to have their company and project developments covered on The Centre’s website and in the Social Media

R O Y A L T I E S / S T R E A M S
site - royalties streams
the primary focus also includes companies that invest in precious metals royalties and streams

no featured companies in this section

I N   P R O D U C T I O N
comp production photo

companies that are successfully producing gold, silver, pgm’s or diamonds
giving them a sustainable cash flow, having excellent management and well positioned to achieve further growth

        argonaut gold           avino small         caledonia new            golden star

klondex             timmins gold

A D V A N C I N G   T O   P R O D U C T I O N
companies advancing photo
the primary focus includes resource companies that are in the stage of development or advanced explorations
with their gold, silver, pgm’s or diamond projects that could come to production in the forthcoming few years

no featured companies in this section

P R O J E C T   G E N E R A T O R S
companies - heading project-royalty generators

the primary focus also includes resource companies that specialize in finding and developing gold, silver, pgm’s projects with the objective to joint-venture them with or sell them to other resource companies

comp -avrupa minerals           paramount


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paramount        comp -avrupa minerals

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favoured companies

I N   P R O D U C T I O N
production photo small
resource companies successfully producing gold, silver, pgm’s or diamonds/gemstones
giving them a sustainable cash flow, having excellent management and well positioned to achieve further growth

 alamos gold       banro       centamin       coeur 1       detour gold      drd gold     endeavour mining

 first majestic       franco-nevada       gemfields       gogold        golden queen       guygold logo

 kirkland lake      lucara diamond 2         mandalay      oceana gold      platinum group metals     primero

randgold     richmont    royal gold     semafo       serabi gold - black       sibanye     sierra metals white        silvercorp     silver standard - 2

   stillwater      sylvania     tahoeresources-web        terangagold          torexgold        yamana gold

A D V A N C I N G    T O   P R O D U C T I O N
advancing production photo small
resource companies in the stage of development or advanced exploration with their gold, silver, pgm’s or diamond projects
that could come to production in the forthcoming few years

arian silver        blackham resources      columbus gold       falco resources       golden arrow          goldquest         goldsource

  hummingbird_resources_logo          kaminak          lion one          mag silver          midasgold        pershing logo       pretivm

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the most vital ingredient in taking any kind of decision when it comes to investing in the resource markets



this site aims to function as a true information provider, hereby combining several sources to find and obtain worthwhile and helpful information from both internal and external sources

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