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The main objective of The Centre’s activities is to build a bridge between institutional and private investors
and their advisors on one side and international mining and exploration companies on the other side.
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 on the world and the markets of precious metals and minerals and international mining and exploration companies

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For us gold watchers it has been a bit of a frustrating period since I wrote my previous Editorial. Gold had broken the $1,300 level and I said that it was looking for more. I truly did. The gold price marched on to a first top on June 24 $1,340 but apparently had second thoughts to close at $1,315 that same day. But not for long. On July 6 it closed at $1,363 but instead of going straight on to the $1,400 level, it dwindled down again to close at $1,313 on July 20.

Then, July 27 seemed to be a turning point. The gold market changed its hesitating and quite erratic pattern at the beginning of the U.S. markets when a really eye-opening piece of information was released. It was not the news from the Fed about the interesting rates that is expected later today, it was not the non-impressive development of the German economy, neither the Japanese plan to stimulate its economy or the continuing news on the Chinese economy. No, it was the report that

the U.S. imported more gold from Switzerland in the month of May
than they did every year for several decades!

editorial - 26 JUL 16 charts US gold imports

But as happens so often these days, even the most exciting news doesn’t get the eyes it deserves or does’t have the impact you would expect. Whereas most of the gold watchers are eager to give their comments every few minutes on the latest developments, they seem not to care too much about longer term trends, fundamentals and information that really is having dramatic importance. Like the above charts that we do not see every day, do we?

Of course, a big question is indeed what I wrote in the heading of this Editorial: “is this a one time event or the beginning of a trend?” But that is not the only question that comes to mind.The charts above reflect the figures as per May 16. I am very curious how the figures will be as per June 15 and July 15. They will tell us more. Yet, what we know now is remarkable enough to evaluate. The scenario is worth following very closely over the next few months. We may get some highly vital answers to infringing questions such as

Why are the U.S. importing this amazing quantity of gold so suddenly?
Are they replacing the gold that is supposed to be in Fort Knox which has been repeatedly been doubted?
Are they preparing for the Big Reset that Jim Rickards and Willem Middelkoop have been writing about?
Was it the Fed that has bought all this gold or if not, who were these big buyers?
Where did all this gold come from, who have been filling this amazing U.S. demand?

I find this last question of particular interest. It could be that the Swiss National Bank has been the main provider of the gold that was imported by the U.S.. That would be interesting to find out. Because it would be revealing information that may have a great impact on the markets of resource shares. Why? Because most investors in the U.S. and all over the world are still believing in the regular share markets, based on their belief that the U.S. economy will recover. But even if that recovery will continue to the levels they want us to believe, it will never be enough to heal all other issues such as the stunningly growing deficits of the budgets and the even more hilariously expanding money supplies, not only in the U.S. and actually in the whole world.

As history has shown before, it may be the Swiss who may turn out the most clever of us all. It was known that the Swiss National Bank began accumulating gold and silver mining shares in early 2013. That was when the markets of gold and resource shares had come down considerably from their all time highs in Autumn 2011. As per June 30, 2013, they reported their holdings of gold and silver mining shares to be $495,520,544. Just recently, the report came that as per June 30, 2016, their portfolio had increased, actually doubled to $987,660,428! If you want to see in which resource companies this almost $1 billion is invested, click here.

My followers do know that I have been advocating since long that in the end, mining shares are the better way to invest in gold. Not only because of the leverage advantage that resource shares have over physical gold, but also because resources shares are more easily affordable than gold itself.

We gold watchers are always too early as investors are always too late.

At this time, I want to urge my followers not to be too late this time. The markets are still hesitating which is not so strange in itself. As we gold watchers know too well, not many investors are believing us in the beginning. The are being too misguided by the continuous ‘positive’ sounds of the establishment, such as governments, central banks and commercial banks that are preaching for their own parish.

As I said, it is not too late to take your measures to protect your savings and investments to what may be coming to us in the foreseeable future. Act like the wise Swiss bankers, build your own mining share portfolio. But be very selective, the Featured and Favoured Companies on this site reflect my choices.    favicon.ico



16 AUG 16

Yesterday’s posting of my above Editorial  was followed by similar news that not only confirms the increased interests of European banks in resource shares but even shows the Swiss Central Bank was not the only smart investor. Judging from the amount that the Deutsche Bank invested in mining companies shows that they were at least twice as smart, or rather they translated their choice for the mining sector in a portfolio twice as big as the Swiss one.

For everyone in the gold and silver sector, this should be the most comforting news that we can want. Or let me say, the second most comforting news. On the number One spot of wishes remains the worldwide recognition of the merits of gold and silver and gold and silver-based investments in the companies that produce these metals (and include the pgm’s as well) or will be producing them in the foreseeable future.

I will continue to follow these companies for you and inform you of the news that you may need to take your own wise decisions. Generally, I have not such a high regard for the choices and policies of banks and bankers, mainly caused by my lack of confidence in their judgement and mentality, but this time I am wholeheartedly endorsing their choices to invest heavily in the resource sector. If it is good for them, it will be good for you and me!

click here for the article that I received this morning

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the primary focus also includes resource companies that specialize in finding and developing gold, silver, pgm’s projects with the objective to joint-venture them with or sell them to other resource companies

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resource companies successfully producing gold, silver, pgm’s or diamonds/gemstones
giving them a sustainable cash flow, having excellent management and well positioned to achieve further growth

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that could come to production in the forthcoming few years

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